Rewards System

At ResinWarfare we want to reward your efforts for supporting us in our project. That is why we have developed a reward system that will allow you to earn points and spend them every time you place an order to get special discounts or products as a gift.

You have a list of rewards that you can redeem into coupons to use on your orders. Some have several uses! But each use must be applied in a different order.

To redeem these points you must do so from your user account panel, which you can access by doing click here

Below we leave you actions that have a reward and how many points they will generate for you:

  • Create your account:You will immediately receive 150 points for creating your user account and validating your email.
  • Place orders : 1 euro = 1 point. You will get them as soon as you confirm that you have successfully received the order
  • The Roll of the Day : You will receive points for playing the roll of the day here, try it... All rolls have a prize!
  • It's your Birthday! : You will receive 150 points on your birthday!
  • Unexpected Events : Mischievous Goblins and hoarding Gnomes are roaming the area, you'll get to know them soon!

As you can see there are many ways to get points to spend on the...

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