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A new path begins!

We are pleased to welcome you to our website!

We design and sculpt the models we offer to offer you miniatures with our personal touch. Little by little our catalog is increasing as we create new collections, materialize our concepts and develop our projects.

We have so much to offer! So we recommend you discover it with us!

There are many sections in our webstore. For example, you can find our Ravenous Hordes project, a whole collection based on ratmen to cover 6 factions of different styles of ratmen to make your own and personal army for several games like 9th Age or Saga: Age of Magic.

We made also a collection based in Romans for historical wargames like Saga: Age of Hannibal. You can find in the Sons of Mars collection a wide catalogue of roman troops of the republican and early/middle empire eras. We are developing new models for this collection and furthermore various enemies to fight against the power of Rome like Carthaginians, Numidians, Gauls, Iberians...

If you are a lover of dioramas and compositions of miniatures, we also have a big collection of farm and wild animals, plants, small scenery props... This collection is growing fast and we try to make those small things that make the difference.

And for all of those who are fanatics of dices and for those whose feel like a dragon hoarding nice and shiny things in their hive... we have tons of dices! RPG dices for D&D, other RPG games, Dungeon Crawlers and also a lot of D6 dices in many patterns to fit perfectly with your bands, your armies...

This is only a small part of all what we are bringing to this site.

Keep near to us and you will see!


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